Our DIY Kits

Chames Financial DIY Credit Repair E-Book

This book gives you everything you need to improve your credit score!

You will learn the fundamentals of credit while also utilizing the step-by-step methods to dispute negative items on a credit report. (credit repair letters included)

24 Hour Inquiry Removal


Here you will learn the fastest way to legally remove inquiries within 24 hours!

When you first receive inquiries they can dramatically drop your credit score.

After 6 months each inquiry generally takes 2-5 points away from you so imagine removing only 10. That’s literally 20-50 points added to your score which could literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in interest!

This is a simple process made easy to read for you but make no mistake this is the secret sauce of credit repair agencies!

Stop Spending Your Hard Earned Money on Credit Repair!

Up to $399


We give you the tools to improve your credit by removing invalid collection accounts at no charge from us!